Crafter Foul

I am not a morning person.  I don’t make many words with my mouth too early in the day.  I need coffee to get the bare minimum of my responsibilities out of the way and then I can participate in life.  I started this morning with my coffee and I was perusing a crafting group on Facebook that I belong to.  As is common place for this group, a woman was asking for some suggestions on making a shirt for her husband for Valentine’s Day.  She said her husband is very patriotic and he also likes the current president, so she was thinking of making a Valentine’s Day shirt that had something to do with one or both of those ideas.  People LOST THEIR MINDS.  They unloaded all kinds of hateful words onto this woman and onto each other.  I do my best to avoid internet chaos.  I have enough “real life” trouble, I don’t need to borrow from others’, but I was gaping jaw, sucked into the comments on that feed.

The meanness was unreal.  Crafting is my happy place and I know that it is for many others as well, especially the people in that group.  One of the reasons I like the group so much is because it’s incredibly diverse and when there’s so much diversity there’s a buffet of creative ideas.  It’s a special place.  Those comments left me feeling like a herd of toddlers had ransacked my craft room.  “Put down the scissors and get in time out”!

I like to read and watch things that are uplifting and inspiring.  There’s enough bitterness and cynicism out there.  Crafting is a safe place.  It can be free of politics and agendas; it’s a way to escape or release the stress of this world.

Leave the safe spaces safe; there’s plenty of other places to vent your frustrations about our country’s current situation.  When you have the privilege of being in a place (real or virtual) that brings people together, don’t pollute it with meanness!  Protect it.  We all have our beliefs that we hold near and dear.  Today’s society is more polarized than it has been in a long time, perhaps more so than I’ve ever seen.  But even though our political and religious beliefs will differ, we do have an obligation to be respectful and loving to others–even when we disagree with them.  Crafting is fun and it is a way for us to express ourselves.  But it is also a way to connect with people who do hold different beliefs and convictions and it can be a way to bridge that gap.  So play nice.


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