My Desk

My desk.

So, this is my desk. This is my desk when it’s clean. I cleaned it yesterday. It seems as though this may be some kind of metaphor for my mind. There’s six thousand things happening all at once and crowned on top is a giant doll house and a Jane Austen action figure. There’s comedy in there somewhere, right? I just can’t nail it down.

This space strikes me more as a page from an I Spy book than a nucleus for a small business. When I scroll Pinterest for work spaces, I drool over the bright and dreamy organized rooms that I see. Do you think the neatly organized, color coordinated spaces are real or are they just Pinterest propaganda? This is a good spot to stop and point out my LOVE for alliteration and praise Jesus for autocorrect because no matter how many times I try to spell “alliteration” it takes a solid three tries to get it right.

Here’s the kicker, the mess makes me unhappy but I feel like I create more easily in a bit of mayhem than I do in a sterile, white glove tested room. If a room is super clean, I am distracted by the fact that I need to keep it super clean. I’m uncomfortable because I’m stressing about whether or not I have made a mess somewhere. I have three boys, so there is always a mess being made somewhere. Maybe chaos is my resting rate and that’s where I’m most comfortable?

I crave, with every fiber of my being, to be an organized person and it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me. To say that I’m just going to accept that this is me feels like I’m being a quitter. Perhaps though, after 38 years of being some version of this catastrophe, I need to accept it and work with it. I could have my own show, “I Spy, Real Life”! ….Uhhh, Beth, pretty sure that show exists already, it’s called “Hoarders”.

Dear Creatives, here are my questions for you: what does your creative space (or living space) look like? Is it mayhem or are you a Neat-O Nancy? Is there such a thing as something in between those two options? Does your space affect how and what you create?


4 thoughts on “My Desk”

  1. I like to call mine “contained mayhem”. It sticks to my desk and the area indy Katelyn surrounding it, but good luck finding what you need without me!

  2. The funny thing is everywhere in my home is neat and organized EXCEPT my studio. It starts out neat but then I get working on a project and perhaps another project too then there is fabric and marking tools and cutting tools and rulers everywhere. Not to mention the baskets full of wool fabrics waiting to be turned into something beautiful. Books! Did I mention books and patterns and magazines. They’re lying about because they’re inspirational. I think that the creative side must let go of the control and organizer side of my personality. However, as soon as the project or projects are completed I must tidy up my work space. It seems necessary before I can begin to plan my next project. I’m a split personality perhaps. 🧐

    1. This is very interesting. I guess it would make sense that the creative side needs to be less controlling though. I would love like 50% more control in my regular life… I would rather a messy studio instead of a messy studio AND a messy house. C’est la vie. I suppose this is life with many children and a disorganized mind. Thanks for commenting <3

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