It’s Time to Change, Time to Rearrange…

Youba Handmade

Youba Handmade is back in action after an exceptionally long pause, and we are slightly revamped. Previously I had been trying to design, create, market, ship, be active on social media, and basically do all of the things and it was not working because I was spreading myself too thin in all areas. To accomplish what I was attempting to do I needed more hours in the day or a couple of clones of myself (fortunately for everyone, no one has successfully cloned me yet). Like most, I desire to be the best version of myself that I can be. Sometimes to achieve our goals, we need a little life overhaul. I’m adding some new things to my personal life and changing the shop around too. Hopefully these efforts bring some success.

So what is it that I’m doing now?

Youba Handmade will still remain a gift shop and stationery store. I want to support women owned and women run businesses and I want to support handmade businesses. I still want to design and create handmade items and I think this new version of Youba Handmade will be the best way to achieve that. Rather than designing and creating all of the shop’s stock, the handmade items that I make will only be some of the shop’s stock, and the rest of the items will come from other businesses. In doing this, Youba Handmade will have more variety and be a bit more fun for everyone, including me! And that’s what I’ve wanted for Youba Handmade from the beginning. I’ve wanted something fun that doesn’t feel like work, something that brings joy to me and my family.

We’re super excited for the New Year over here in the Young house. I hope you’ll take a look around the newly stocked shop. Items will continue to roll in through the next couple of weeks and any kinks in the website should also be worked out in that time.

Thanks a bunch for your support, you’re the best.


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