Creative Confidence

Are you a creative person? I consider myself to be a creative person, I lack confidence though and I have severe creative ADD.

I enjoy painting and I go through spurts of painting where I do nothing but paint for two weeks and then I put it away for six months and don’t even think about painting. Occasionally when I paint something I’ll take a picture of it and post it on social media somewhere and say “look, I painted a thing… ta da”! It’s similar to a four year old in the way they take their crayons and make a picture and go show their parents. I’m searching for some type of validation that I’m any good at it so I can put it out there for the universe to see. However, it doesn’t matter how many positive things are said to me, I don’t feel like it’s good enough and I put it all away in a closet (a literal closet, I’m not trying to be deep, ha!).

Saved from the closet, hung on the Youba office wall.

Validation and the opinion of others isn’t really what art is so none of these things should actually be weighing on me. People have asked to buy paintings from me or for me to paint something specific for them and I won’t do it; I don’t think I’m good enough. I have no problem making and selling rice bags or other things I’ve sewn. Painting or drawing or writing is straight from my brain and out of my fingers and there is something so personal about that. If someone didn’t embrace a painting or a drawing, it would feel like they’re not embracing me. So, dear Creatives, my question for you is this: how do you put yourself out there? Are you naturally a confident person? Are you naturally confident in your skills?